Big Star Ranch, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3)  Your contributions are tax deductible.
Tuition fee's cover a portion of the care and feeding costs of our hard working horses. It is generous gifts from people like you that help us continue to serve those individuals
who need our services and may not be able to afford them.
What is the Big Star difference?  

It's more than riding. It's more than working with a horse.  What about the environment?  Is it safe?  Am I safe?  Questions horses ask all
the time are the very same questions many humans have on their mind.  

At Big Star Ranch, we provide an environment that is conducive for learning. People (and horses) learn when they feel safe. So our first goal is to
help our student understand how horses think, why they do what they do, and how to become a "partner" with their horse.  This involves building trust,
quiet confidence, clear communication, self control and awareness.  

Working with horses offers so many benefits. We tailor your experience here at Big Star Ranch to meet your specific needs and goals.
Most of our sessions are private, allowing you to grow and develop your skills, and enjoy the ride at your own pace.  

You'll be learning a new language.  The language of "horse" is fascinating and will actually give you better communication skills for your
everyday life.  


Equine Therapy, where the horse is the therapist.

At Big Star Ranch, Equine therapy is all about providing a special place and private time for those who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, learning and/or physical challenges. Science has
proven working can provide many benefits cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally, socially and physically.  All ages enjoy our well trained horses and horsemanship instructor who will work with a
student on their specific goals and needs.  Students over age 6 are welcome.   Anyone who is under the care of a doctor will be considered a horse therapy lesson.

Children/Teens:  Ages 6 and above:  

Activities and lessons are designed to be fun, educational and always with a focus on safety.  Many parents and grandparents bring their children because they know how powerfully horses can
impact a young person, and help them develop in countless ways.  We have seen children overcome fears, improve grades, become better communicators, develop leadership skills, feel better
about themselves, build core strength, improve muscle tone and balance, and much more.  Investing in our young people is the best investment we'll ever make!
 We offer individual private
lessons and seasonally will offer small group lessons when appropriate.  Home School, Bible Themed, Character and Leadership Development.


People come to Big Star Ranch for many reasons. Some are looking to overcome fear or heal from trauma. Some come because they've always wanted to learn how to ride but didn't want to
prepare for competition.  What we hear most often from our adult students is the appreciation they have for our quiet environment and encouraging ways of teaching  They enjoy learning at their own
pace and ability level.  We have students of all ages here.  We place a high value on relationship building with the horses and each other.  Many of our students also become volunteers!

Horse 101: "A beginners course to all things horse"

This is a fun and educational 8 week course designed to introduce someone to horses. We cover a broad variety of topics and always include some hands on learning with a horse or pony.  At the
end of 8 lessons you will know how to be safe around horses, how they think and see, how to approach, halter and lead, saddle types, riding skills and more.   This is a great way to start and also
makes a great gift for the horse lover in your family.   This can be offered as an individual lesson plan or small group course.

Rising Stars:  Equine Assisted Personal and Leadership Development  (seasonal)

Small group sessions with course material to help our students develop in areas such as:
identifying options, problem solving techniques, non-verbal communication skills,
setting boundaries, "reading" others, appropriate responses to pressure and self
control.  Horses are prey animals and people are predators.  With these dynamics
in place, horses can teach us humans a lot about ourselves and building safe relationships.
Students  participation is Horse 101 and approval of instructor.  8-Week Series, 3 Phases
Makes a great Home School Class.

Natural Horsemanship Ground Skills and Riding

Progressive and on-going, your skills and abilities will continue to develop.  We cover many topics as there is so much to learn about horses.  For those who want to some day own a horse of their
own, we can teach you the daily activities that will help you along the way. For those who just love learning and riding, we will enjoy watching you progress into a marvelous horse communicator
and rider.  

Therapeutic Riding/ Body Strengthening and Exercise

The sport of horseback riding has long been seen as fun and recreational, but studies are showing the many benefits the human body can derive from riding horses.  Their unique movement can
stimulate and strengthen muscles, release stress and make us smile like no gym or physical therapy session experience could ever do!  If you need to build core strength, increase balance and
coordination, and have some adventure, this is the way to do it!

HEART Series (Human/Equine Awareness and Relationship Training)

In our HEART series, we help our students develop a greater sense of awareness, so that they can better relationships.  The horses communicate in
very subtle ways, using tails and ears, head height and attitude.  Learning how to read the horse helps our student develop a sense of awareness
with the people in their lives too. We cover topics that include communicating with respect, looking out for others, leadership, trust, how to be a safe
person, and developing clear communication skills both verbally and non-verbally.

Team Building  and Special Training Events

2-4 hours of fun, our Team Building events incorporate old fashioned horse and barn activities into communication lessons that will last a
lifetime!  Appropriate for teen groups, work groups, sales people, corporate teams, office work groups, ice-breakers for new groups.
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Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies