Big Star Ranch, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3)  Your contributions are tax deductible.
who need our services and may not be able to afford them.Tuition fee's cover a portion of the care and feeding costs of our hard working horses. It is  generous gifts from
people like you that help us continue to serve those individuals
Policies and Procedures
At Big Star Ranch, we want you to know that we value you.  We also value our amazing volunteers, horses and the property owners where
Big Star Ranch is located.   Our policies, Barn Rules, and procedures are in place to preserve the honor and integrity we want to show you,
and all who are a part of the Big Star Ranch family.   We ask you to join us in our resolve to keep our facilities clean and in showing respect
for others at all times.

                                                                      LESSONS ARE PRIVATE

Please keep noise to a minimum when you are here.  We don't want to distract a horse or rider!  Cell phones must be silenced or left in the
car.  No food in the horse areas. You may bring a bottle of water.   Drivers: please be aware of your radio volume when you drive onto the
property. Also keep speed to a minimum.

NOTE:  There can be NO SMOKING or alcohol on the property.   No dogs allowed.  All visitors must be pre-approved, so
please  call in  advance to make arrangements.  Signed waivers are mandatory for all.  Anyone under 18 must be
accompanied by a parent guardian. Only  participants will be in direct contact with the horses.      
 Thank you!

Lessons are 45 minutes in length.
This will include all components discussed for your
individualized lesson plan and may include: warm up,
grooming, ground skills training and practice, riding, putting
tack away and time for discussion.  Lesson length is at the
discretion of the instructor and based on what is appropriate
for the student.

We will make every effort to accommodate each student
however riding may not always be safe or appropriate.

Call Barb Knudsen (cell) 503-913-8680 if you cannot make
your scheduled time as soon as possible so that we do not
have horses, volunteers and instructors waiting.

If you arrive and another class is in session, please wait in the
parking area until that lesson is over.  


When you have to cancel a lesson, please let us know as soon
as you can.  For illness or family emergencies, we will attempt
to offer a make-up lesson, but cannot guarantee a time-slot
will be available to meet your needs.  There are no refunds or
credits given for missed lessons by a student.

Payment Policy

All lessons must be paid for in advance.

Scheduling and paying at the beginning of the month for all 4
monthly lessons will reserve a weekly regular time slot.

Cancellations made by the student will not be refunded.

All riders must wear ASTM-SEI approved safety helmets, long pants
and appropriate shoes or boots.  There are no exceptions.   
If you do not own a helmet, we have several here at the ranch you can
use. (all sizes)

We have found with the Oregon weather, its helpful to layer our
clothing so that we have the option to warm up or cool down. Please
make sure your children have a coat. It is very cold this time of year!

AGE  /  WEIGHT  Policies

Participants must be at least 6 years old.

Big Star Ranch offers many equine activities that do not involve riding.  
There are no weight restrictions for those activities.

Horse Back Riding:  

Those interested in riding will be evaluated by staff to determine if
riding is a safe option.

Maximum weight restrictions are dependant on the horses Big Star
Ranch has available for the lesson.  Our first priority is safety for our
students as well as our horses.  Riding is not appropriate for

At this time, riders must weight less than 180lbs.
Please ask for more information if this is a concern.
Big Star Ranch, Inc.                                                                                                                                              503-913-8680
Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies