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who need our services and may not be able to afford them.
A therapy horse is a very special animal.  They need to be patient and kind, slow to react yet responsive. We have a very special herd of horses here at
Big Star Ranch. Each has had special training, and each has something they uniquely teach people about horses and about themselves.

Our students are encouraged to get to know each of these horses individually. They will also learn how to be safe among the herd.  Learning the
language of "horse" helps people become more aware of whats going on around them and how they affect others.  Amazing things happen for our
students when they learn how to be quietly confident leaders.


Jasmine is a registered Paint mare, born in 1993.
We've had her since she was 6 and have really
enjoyed her beauty and grace. Jasmine excels
in her ground skills training, responding to words
and body language.  She is patient and kind with


Molly (mini)

Kind and sweet, little Molly is
dependable and gentle. If
anyone is afraid of horses,
it is Molly who can ease their
fears. She is very content to
stand quietly while you brush
and pet her.
Lance is a very special pony.  
Not only does he work with our
young students, Lance thinks
he's a big horse!   Lance is
known around the ranch as
he goes through all our stalls
looking for any grain that may
have been left behind.

Zena is our gentle giant. She is an
Appaloosa, captured and branded
from the BLM land here in Oregon.  
She has a wonderfully curious
disposition, loves her tummy
scratched and is a ranch favorite for
those who want a quiet and
dependable mount. She is the "first
ride" for many of our students

Buddy is a Palomino gelding, approximately 29 years
old. He is small in stature, but a big man on campus
here at the ranch. Buddy is never far from Zena and
has won the hearts of several of our students.  He is
our dependable guy who knows his commands well. It
may be your first canter will be on this wonderful
May Surprise

May truly came as a surprise, as we didn't
realize her mom came to us pregnant!  May
has been a delight.  Born in 2010, we have
had the fun and experience of watching her
grow and learn the ways of natural
horsemanship.  Her spunk, curiosity and
playfulness have us all giggling!
Sir Lancelot
Sierra came to the ranch in 2010. A
beautiful liver chestnut Quarter horse,
she is patient and kind, yet quick and
responsive.  Sierra has been a favorite
for students of all ages.
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The newest member of our horse
family, Sondance is a beautiful
palomino quarterhorse gelding. He is 9
years old and has lots of personality
and energy!